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  • Benjamin Moore Number: 034

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Color Spaces

RGB Hexdecimal: #B75E4E

RGB 0-255: 183, 94, 78

RGB %: 71.8, 36.9, 30.6

CMYK %: 0, 49, 57, 28

Grayscale: 119 (RGB values)

L: 51, a: 36, b: 26

Hue: 9°, Saturation: 57%, Lightness: 72%

X: 25, Y: 57, Z: 72

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Benjamin Moore

Brand logo

At Benjamin Moore, they remain committed to the vision of their founder Benjamin Moore when he started his paint company in 1883: producing the highest-quality paints and finishes in the industry, and delivering them directly to our customers through our nationwide network of knowledgeable, customer-friendly retail store operators.


Did you know?

Approximately 99 percent of all color blind people suffer from red-green color blindness. Statistics reveal that around 75 percent of people suffering from red-green color blindness have problems with green perception, while the remaining 24 percent have problem with red perception. But this doesn't mean that a person suffering from red-green color blindness tends to mix up between red and green colors only. The fact is that the problem prevails in the whole color spectrum. The most common form of color blindness is deuteranomaly, a form of red-green color blindness. Red-green color blindness is a recessive sex linked, and therefore we see that more men are color blind than their female counter parts.



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